Hospice isn’t to help you die, it’s to help you finish living”  Danny K, 2011

At the center of Hospice is the belief that each of us has the right to die pain free, with dignity, and that our families will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so.

Mission StatementHospice of Montezuma is a community non-profit organization of dedicated professionals and volunteers providing end of life care, support and guidance to all individuals and families.

Vision Statement: Hospice of Montezuma is the premier provider of end of life care, caregiver support and bereavement services for patients, families, and the community.  Our holistic and collaborative approach ensures choice, dignity and comfort for those we serve.

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Hospice care can take place in a variety of settings, wherever your loved one calls home. Our compassionate care provides the resources needed to make the most of every moment, with the extraordinary service you should expect. We understand your needs and goals, and support both in each step of your journey.

Choosing hospice care does not mean that you are giving up. Instead, it means that you are focusing on comfort instead of a cure so that a better quality of life can be maintained for as long as possible.

Anyone-a family member, health care professional, or friend can refer someone to Hospice of Montezuma. Eligibility for hospice care must be determined by the individual’s primary doctor and Hospice Medical Director. We would be glad to provide a consultation to help determine if hospice is appropriate for your loved one.

The benefits of hospice care are proven by research to support improved pain and symptom management. In fact, many families say they wish they had received hospice care sooner.

“There are significant benefits to early engagement with Hospice,” said Carol Baumgartner, Hospice of Montezuma Executive Director. “Early intervention gives the family time to come to terms with what’s happening, time to make plans in a state of calm versus crisis, as well as manage the patient’s pain/symptoms so they can truly enjoy time with their loved ones.”

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