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Hospice of Montezuma is now open at its new 512 N. Broadway, Cortez, CO location!

Thank you for your support!

Donation Thermometer 7-26-16When many of us first met in 2014, the Hospice of Montezuma (HoM) Team created a “wish list” that included having an improved professional image, better road access, paved parking, greater visibility, more adequate meeting space, safer highway entrance/exit, more privacy, and increased security. Despite the challenges, the staff set aside their wants and focused on the true commitment of continuing providing quality patient care and caregiver support within our community.  But at the end of the day, Hospice of Montezuma has demonstrated values that addressed the community needs over their own needs and comforts.

It is with that integrity in mind that the board of directors, the banks, and other community organizations have demonstrated a reciprocal response and have backed Hospice of Montezuma with an amazing opportunity to answer the dream of having a new building that will enhance the services offered to Montezuma and Dolores Counties. They are showing support of US! This is a blessing of which we all should be grateful.

But it turns back on each and every one of us to demonstrate our appreciation. We cannot let the banks and other community entities down. It is important that we “put some additional skin on the table” by supporting a campaign to raise a goal of $20,000.  So far the board and administration have pledged $5,000. By encouraging the staff and community to help raise $15,000, we will be able to seek additional grant matches.  This will be do-able and measurable. Please follow our website for fundraising progress and updates for when Volunteers will be needed to assist with our move, and when our Open House will be celebrated!

Hospice of Montezuma is an approved Enterprise Zone (EZ) Project. That means that donations over $250 may be eligible for a 25% tax credit.  For example, if a Colorado donor makes a contribution of $300, they may be eligible to receive a $75 EZ credit.  Your donation could put money back into your pocket!

I can tell you how proud I am to be part of this wonderful team and how blessed Hospice of Montezuma is to have our community’s support.

Thank you for your contributions of time, money and planning to make this a reality. It is through each and every action of the board of directors, staff, volunteers, and community that this was made possible!

“Dreams really do come true!” Congratulations on a job well done!

Wendy Weygandt, Executive Director

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