Cachexia/Protein Calorie Malnutrition

Must meet all criteria:

  1. Weight loss of at least 5% or more in (12) months or less in the presence of underlying illness
  2. At least (3) of the following conditions:
    1. Decreased muscle strength
    2. Fatigue
    3. Anorexia
    4. Low fat-free mass index
    5. Increased inflammatory markers
      1. C-reactive protein >5.0 mg/l
      2. IL-6 >4.0 pg/ml
    6. Anemia <12 g/dl
    7. Low serum albumin <3.2 g/dl

Supporting documentation:

  • Decreased physical performance
  • Dependent in all ADLs


Other guides:
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Assessment Tools
Palliative Performance Scale (PPS)
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