Know When It’s Time to Call Hospice

Hospice accepts patients with any life-limiting illness with a six month prognosis if the disease follows its normal course.  Although a physician must order hospice care, patients and families can call us directly and we’ll contact their doctor and make arrangements for a referral. (970) 565-4400

When to Enter Hospice Care

Early referral provides the time for the hospice team, the patient and the patient’s family to develop a relationship of trust and comfort as they prepare for the days ahead.

Optimal pain management and symptom control is best accomplished when the hospice interdisciplinary team has time to fully understand the physical progress of the illness and patterns of pain and symptoms.  Pain management that is in place before acute pain can develop is the best way to manage pain and other symptoms.

Early referral to hospice care gives the patient and family the necessary support in place to do the essential emotional and practical work they need to do with one another before the patient is too ill for that to be possible.

Early admission also provides the best opportunity for an illness to be improved or controlled.  Many hospice patients can improve and even be discharged if their condition can be managed effectively.

Admitting Criteria for Hospice of Montezuma

The patient must choose hospice care.

The patient must have a condition for which life-prolonging therapy is no longer effective, appropriate or desired.

The patient’s doctor and the hospice medical director must certify that the patient is terminally ill with a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

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