When and Where Is Hospice Care Provided?


You may receive hospice care any time after the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness.  The earlier the referral, the more we can help.  The most frequent comment we receive from our families is: “You made such a difference. If only we’d known, we would have called you in much earlier.”  We ask doctors the question, “If given the normal course of the disease, would you be surprised to find the patient no longer alive in six months? “  If the doctor can answer that he or she would not be surprised, then the patient is a candidate for eligibility.  This does not mean if you are still alive in six months that you are denied services – it merely means that the question need be asked again.  Though our average duration of stay is 62 days, we have had patients for much longer.  If you are discharged because your condition has significantly improved, you can always qualify for hospice again at a later date.


We provide care throughout a 75 mile radius of Cortez, Colorado including Montezuma, Dolores, and when possible, portions of San Miguel and San Juan counties.  Wherever the patient considers home — including your own home, long-term care facilities, assisted living and retirement communities, rest homes and hospitals.  We do not currently provide service over the state lines of Utah or Arizona.

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