For Healthcare Professionals

Rather than “giving up” on patients, referring to hospice actually can increase life expectancy.  Recent research shows that the mean survival rate for hospice patients was 29 days longer than similar patients not referred.  More importantly, patients’ quality of life for whatever time they do have is greatly enhanced by the wide range of services hospice provides. Hospice of Montezuma partners with physicians, discharge planners and other referrers from across southwest Colorado to provide care and comfort beyond cure.  We welcome all inquiries from medical professionals about how our services can expand the support available to your patients and their families.

The earlier the referral, the more we can do to help.

To make a referral or inquire about whether a case is appropriate, call us anytime at (970) 565-4400.  We are glad to come to wherever your patient is and do an initial assessment consultation.  There is never any charge or obligation.

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