Hospice VS Home Health

What’s the difference between health care agencies?







Hospice Care

Hospice is health care provided at home and appropriate for someone with an advanced life-limiting illness. This level of care requires the person’s primary doctor and the Hospice Medical Director (also a doctor) to certify their terminal status. The individual seeking hospice must elect to pursue comfort care rather than curative treatment. Professional services are patient-centric and can include doctors, nurses, massage therapy, or a nursing assistant. Care extends to not only the patient but their family and includes emotional and spiritual support through chaplains and family support staff.

This level of care is known as a “Hospice Benefit” and covered by Medicare Part A, Medicaid, VA, and private insurance (call to confirm).

Care can be provided in a private home, assisted living facility, nursing home, inpatient hospice facility, or hospital.

Providers in our area include: Hospice of Montezuma (Montezuma/Dolores Counties), Hospice of Mercy (La Plata/Archuleta Counties), Rocky Mountain Hospice (Blanding, UT), Basin Home Health & Hospice (Farmington, NM), or find a hospice near you…

Home Health

Home Health is care provided at home and appropriate for someone recovering from an injury or living with a chronic illness that is not currently life-limiting with a focus on healing. This level of care requires a medical need that must be prescribed by a doctor for a period of time. Professional services can include a nurse, physical/occupational/speech therapy, infusion therapy, or a nursing assistant.

This level of care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and private insurance (call to confirm).

Care is generally provided to home-bound clients in their private residence only and meant to help them regain their independence living at home instead of at a facility.

Providers include: PASCO/SW, Guardian Angel, Given’ Home Health, Life Care.

*If you worked for the nuclear weapons industry or uranium/coal mine then you may be entitled to specialized care. Contact any of the following providers in our area to see if you qualify:  Nuclear Care Partners, Critical Nurse Staffing, or Professional Case Management.

Home Care

Home Care is provided at home and appropriate for someone who needs minimal to moderate assistance with housekeeping or personal care so they can continue living safely and independently at home. This level of care does not require a physician’s order and is intended to prevent someone from going into a facility. Care is provided by non-medically trained staff and is meant to keep someone active and independent.

This level of care Medicaid, VA, some private insurance (call to confirm), or private pay.

Visiting Angels, Guardian Angel, Life Care, Given’ Home Health, Colorado Compassionate Care (Mancos)

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