Liver Disease

Must meet all criteria:

  1. Synthetic failure as demonstrated by a or b, and c:
    1. Prothrombin time (PTT) prolonged more than (5) seconds over control, or;
    2. International Normalized Ratio (INR) >1.5, and;
    3. Serum albumin <2.5 gm/dl


  2. End-Stage liver disease is present at least (1) of the following is present:
    1. Ascites, refractor to treatment or patient declines or is non-compliant
    2. History of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis
    3. Hepatorenal syndrome (elevated creatinine with oliguria [<400 ml/day])
    4. Hepatic encephalopathy, refractory to treatment or patient non-compliant
    5. History of recurrent variceal bleeding despite intensive therapy or patient declines therapy

Supporting documentation:

  • Progressive malnutrition
  • Muscle wasting with reduced strength
  • Ongoing alcoholism (>80 gm ethanol/day)
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen positive
  • Hepatitis C refractory to interferon treatment
In the absence of one or more of the above findings, rapid decline or comorbidities may also support eligibility for hospice care. 

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