Sidewalk Story

Once upon a time, Hospice of Montezuma had a very scary and dangerous sidewalk leading to their front entrance. Visitors expressed fear and angst walking along the path that sloped so precariously towards the fast moving vehicles travelling the highway. In winter, community members and employees would shovel the swirling snow and ice off the sidewalk, only to watch their efforts reverse as the snow plow gladly returned the snow to the recently cleared area. Oh what to do?!

Then one day, as if fairy dust was sprinkled in the air, Kristine Nunn and David Fraley offered a generous donation to create a new sidewalk within the safety confines of the Hospice of Montezuma property wall. Gary and Yelanda Hansen of Cottonwood Farm Landscaping quickly sprang into action and rearranged a workday schedule to move plants and drip-lines when they received a telephone call that Mike Rosso and his RC Contractors had a skilled crew ready to build forms and lay new concrete one Monday afternoon. 

Today visitors have a smile on their face knowing that people can live happily ever after, before and after a visit to Hospice of Montezuma! If you see Kristine, David, Gary, Yelanda, Mike, and RC Construction crew members… help Hospice of Montezuma by saying “Thank You!”

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